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There is a place in Piedmont, in Italy, between the Langhe of Asti and the Monferrato, where a sea breeze, known as the ”marin" blows for many days a year.

The breeze has not lost its way, for what it caresses and gently blows over is quite simply another sea - a sea of rolling hills and green vineyards, where the ”marin" creates a special micro-climate, helping to ripen the grapes and bring out the full potential of their aroma.

This is a stunning area, where a harmonious landscape of carefully tended rows built up over the centuries by man contrasts with the staggering ruggedness of deep natural fissures between the hills, four hundred metres above sea level. This is the home of the Cascina Piancanelli winery, the "Azienda Vitivinicola Piancanelli" owned by Silvio Laiolo.

Family-Labrador-Cascina-Piancanelli-company-wine-winery-Loazzolo-Asti-Piedmont-Italy-wborderDomenico Laiolo and his wife Teresa Penna started up the company as a farm in the immediate post-war period. This was a time of great hopes and promise and they worked hard to make it thrive. The farm gradually expanded until, from just growing grapes, they began to make their wine themselves.

In the 1980s, Domenico's son Giuseppe Laiolo converted it into purely wine-producing concern, increasing output and enlarging the facilities. He also started looking to a broader, more diverse market of people who could discover and appreciate the quality of his truly excellent vines and the wines he made from them.

In 1996, Silvio Laiolo, an oenologist and the son of Giuseppe, took over the Piancanelli winery. While aiming to develop the business to meet the demands of the times, he nevertheless maintained it as a family concern (with only some support from experts in the wine-making sector). He also retained the commitment of past generations to the creation of a product that comes into being, develops and is completed in harmony with the natural characteristics of the place where the vines grow: nothing is forced, nothing pointlessly exalted. There is just care and strict, meticulous quality control at every step of the way, from cultivation through to vinification.

All the wines are made exclusively with grapes grown on the Piancanelli estate, which covers about twenty hectares, most of which is devoted to vines.

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20 ha size of the vineyards

Asti - Italy

Quality Global

grapes exclusively
from the estate
eco-friendly agriculture

Export 65% turnover

Far East

For some years now, the company has signed up to an EU project for eco-friendly agriculture, fully respecting nature. It is thus able to guarantee the absolute genuineness of every aspect of its products.

At Piancanelli, the concept of quality is all-inclusive, covering everything involved in the creation of the product: the corks are made of certified top-quality, ozone-sterilised Sardinian cork, and the packaging is in three-layer cardboard to ensure a high degree of thermal insulation and thus proper conservation.

Exports have become increasingly important over the past fifteen years, currently accounting for 65% of turnover. The destinations are mainly in Europe and the Far East, where, together with the quality and fragrance of Piancanelli wines, each bottle brings with it the flavour of history, with the label bearing the crest of the Laiolo family, one of the most ancient in the Astigiano area: six green lizards (from the name in dialect of which, "laiò", the family takes its surname), the big, silent creatures that remain stock still in the scorching hot sun, watching over the growth of gnarled vines and row after row of grapes.